Exciting new shit coming!

You know what we are better at than keeping a website up to date? Working on new music and playing shows, which we did in the last fucking year since we wrote something here! We’ll try to do better in the future – Promised! Until then: Stay tuned for exciting news!


Thun’s master of ceremony, P√ĄDU ANLIKER, died unexpectedly yesterday! We’re speechless! Not only have we seen many great shows in CAFE BAR MOKKA but we’ve had the honour of playing there twice. We even released our first album on that very stage! In honour of him, we are releasing a live recording of our song … [Read more…]

We were hacked!

Wondering why our page looks like shit? Well – We were hacked! I’m working on getting the site back on fleek as fast as possible! Check in on our Facebook in the meantime! Cheerz, Dammit and the Wankers!